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If you follow the forum you'll know we've been rearranging the house a bit (it's an "ongoing" project).  As a result we've been moving furniture around - a lot.  As a result I needed a way of rearranging the furniture without actually having to lift it and this site does exactly that.  Spend a bit of time setting up your floor plan and the pieces of furniture you have and then move them around to your heart's content.   There are no downloads, it's easy to use and the basic floorplanner is free, but most of all it saves a lot of sweat and tears, believe me.


The word etymology means "word origin", it comes from the Greek word 'etymos', which means real, or true, and the suffix -ology indicates that it's the study of, or science of.  Put them together and you get the study or science of the real or true.  In this online etymology game you'll be presented with 10 randomly selected etymology (word origin) or word definition puzzles to solve; in each case the word or phrase is highlighted in bold, and a number of possible answers will be presented. You need to choose the correct answer to score a point for that question.  Some of them are very, very tough.

Forage Oakland is a project that, in its own words, works to address how we eat every day, and how everyone can benefit from viewing their neighbourhood as a veritable edible map.   If you've ever fancied living off the land, this blog might be of interest, if you haven't considered it, it's still a veritable mine of food vocabulary.

The posts are equally quirky.

Memories of Mine to Thine is a blog by Rachel Whetzel, who describes herself in the following way:-

Thrift junkie. Free Spirit. Believer. Artist. Photographer. Mom to boys. Rust Lover. Worm Farmer. Blogger. Creative Soul. Rule Bender. Spider Saver. Coffee Drinker. Cream Lover. Chook Farmer. Sailor Mouth. Music Listener. Phone Talker. Garden Grower. Mess Maker. Risk Taker. Chewy Mom. Good Intender.

The posts are equally quirky.


Have you heard of brain training?  Well Neuronation gives you the chance to exercise the grey matter, and whether or not it's scientifically accurate or not it has some fun puzzles and games with a "brain score" for you to follow your progress (some of my scores are woefully low).  There's even the chance for you to compare brains with other people (some people's scores are impossibly high).