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When Is

When Is is a web site that gives you the dates of religious and civil holidays around the world.  Amusingly it's divided into religious holidays, and then America is stuck on the end, with a date given for St Patrick's Day and Halloween.  As a Brit this is slightly annoying, but all in all it's a worthy effort.


If you follow the forum you'll know we've been rearranging the house a bit (it's an "ongoing" project).  As a result we've been moving furniture around - a lot.  As a result I needed a way of rearranging the furniture without actually having to lift it and this site does exactly that.  Spend a bit of time setting up your floor plan and the pieces of furniture you have and then move them around to your heart's content.   There are no downloads, it's easy to use and the basic floorplanner is free, but most of all it saves a lot of sweat and tears, believe me.