Poetweet is a fun website for Valentine's Day month.  It will turn the tweets on a Twitter feed into poems, in 3 different styles.  The results for my feed can be read below, but it's more fun if you make your own:-


  • Well, what could be more romantic than a poem composed of your Tweets? (Don't answer that.)

    Here is my first one:-

    A Sonnet

    On the

    by Lynne Hand

    Spiritual (funny) - with JP Sears
    Expedition, in which he and ...
    Are driving faster in our cars....
    - Generic Brand - Own Brand

    Of the collapse of the Berlin Wall
    I was followed by a milk carton!
    Playlist Val Doonican - Walk Tall
    The story of Alice Glaston.

    Playlist Coldplay - Speed Of Sound
    Quote - Recommended English Quote
    World of Words - Dance around

    - introvert / extrovert
    Notice - Brainless Tales
    คอนเสิร์ตข้างถนน Street Concert
    My second, a rondel:-

    They use

    by Lynne Hand

    What will we do if the lights go out?
    The chimney, He began to shout,...
    Meanwhile - somewhere in space.

    To Life in Virtual Worlds"
    Yes, they're all nuts.
    Police carrying riot shields ...
    and the YouTube app to Google Hangouts

    Early retirement.
    The LHC is full of superlatives.
    Can also mean "intelligent".
    Can be a gift / The Present To be present
    The final one - free form:-

    Of Singapore

    by Lynne Hand

    Do you replace your toothbrush?
    English In Use - 'Hey Brit Spender'
    Get well soon Mr Paintbrush.

    Early retirement.
    Cinderella didn't get home unt...
    Can also mean "unintelligent".

    To be everywhere: one on the ...

    This is doubly true online.
    A few more can be found