Recommended English Films

Films are a great way to improve your English.  Going to the cinema is ok, and hiring DVDs is even better, because then you are in control. 

Watching them alone is okay, but watching them with your friends and then talking about them is even better.

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If you're not sure how to best use films to improve your English, read these tips.

How to use a DVD player to help improve your English

Anonymous is all about Shakespeare.  No! Don't stop reading!  It is neither a soppy love story, nor is it a tribute to the bard, it's actually a thriller!   Think DaVinci code meets Macbeth.  It's a political thriller which puts forward that old chestnut that it was not commoner William Shakespeare who wrote all those plays, but that it must have been an upper class genius in the shape of Edward De Vere, Earl of Oxford who penned them, all set in the backdrop of the succession of Queen Elizabeth I, and the Essex Rebellion of 1601.

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Some dogs bite comes with a Parental Advisory, the language in it is very "real", lots of swearing, but that shouldn't put you off.  It shows a Britain that isn't populated by Hugh Grant look-a-likes.  

It tells the story of 3 brothers, H (18), Casey (14) and baby Severino, who have been split up after their mother's death. Casey is in care; the baby Severino has been fostered with a view to adoption, and no one really cares what H does; even his mum thought he was a waste of space, but Casey is determined to keep the family together - running away from care, Casey snatches Severino from the baby's foster parents, steals H's stash of money and posts the cash to a PO Box in Inverness in the north of Scotland. His goal is to find his estranged dad, who moved back to Inverness years ago, a long way from London. To ensure his older brother's help on the journey, Casey makes sure H will need to sign for the money - if H wants it back, he'll have to join them on their road trip north.

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