Recommended English Books

If you're not sure what to read, don't worry.  We can recommend a book for you.  It could be one we've read, or one that a forum member has recommended.  And don't forget, you can recommend a book too.

Afterlife by Sean O'Brien (Picador)

by Patrick O'Connor


THE organisers of a poetry festival in the fictious town of Divott near the Welsh border want to reintern the body of celebrated poet Jane Jarmain, a move that forces her one-time friend Martin Stone to look back on events in a sultry summer in the 70s.

Stone was obsessed by poet Thomas Exton and back in the 70s felt that his own troubled, drug-fuelled lifestyle shared parallels with the 17th century scribe.

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A Revolution Of The Sun by Tim Pears (Windmill)

by Patrick O'Connor


SOMETIMES multi-strand novels can become too complex, too difficult to follow, to the extent that the reader is constantly flicking back through the pages to remember who's who.

A Revolution Of The Sun examines a full year in forensic detail, starting on January 1, 1997, through the eyes of a host of unconnected people – such as a pregnant woman, an amnesiac, a Conservative MP, a long distance lorry driver, a father and his young son who suffers from cerebral palsy and most intriguing of all, a female cat burglar.

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The Sense of an Ending by Julian Barnes (Vintage Books)

by Patrick O'Connor


THE central character is this book is Tony Webster, who has retired and has had “a career and a single marriage, a calm divorce.”

But the story will appeal to readers of all ages for Tony spends much of his time looking back to his youth when he and his two best friends meet the enigmatic Adrian Finn at school.

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