Recommended English Books

If you're not sure what to read, don't worry.  We can recommend a book for you.  It could be one we've read, or one that a forum member has recommended.  And don't forget, you can recommend a book too.

Expo 58 by Jonathan Coe (Viking)

by Patrick O'Connor


THIS fictionalised account of the British involvement in the Expo or World Fair exhibition hosted by Belgium in 1958 is a deliciously witty 'espionage' novel which also pokes fun on how the British view themselves.

The main character is nondescript civil servant Thomas Foley, who is seconded to Belgium for six months to oversee a mock English pub called The Britannia in the British Pavilion.

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The Woman Who Went To Bed For A Year by Sue Townsend (Penguin)

by Patrick O'Connor


SUE Townsend, who died last year, was regarded as one of Britain's best comic writers. She was best known for her Adrian Mole books, chronicling the diaries of a schoolboy through to his mature years.

This was her last novel and in it, Townsend explores an emotion many of us may have experienced at some time or other – 'sod it, I'm fed up with all this, I'm going to stay in bed.'

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A Commonplace Killing by Sian Busby (Short Books)

by Patrick O'Connor


IN a moving forward to this marvellous novel, the BBC's economic editor Robert Peston pays tribute to his wife Sian Busby who died shortly before it was published.

Peston transcribed the final pages of her manuscript from a notebook he found after her death so that the book could be completed and anyone who reads it will be eternally grateful.

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