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MEMORIES came flooding back for 100-year-old former RAF pilot Ray Roberts when he took to the air in a Spitfire, reports the Daily Express.

Ray, from Margate, Kent, took part in the flight at London's Biggin Hill to help mark the centenary of the former RAF airport which played a pivotal role in the Battle of Britain.

He had to use a walking aid on the runaway to take his place in the legendary fighter plane.

Ray joined the RAF in 1940 and trained as a pilot but was injured the same year when his parachute failed to fully open after he bailed out of a Spitfire. 

He became a member of the Caterpillar Club, a group of servicemen and women who have jumped from a stricken aircraft and survived to tell the tale. 

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STEVEN Marriott, from West Bridgford, in Nottingham claims he has found the world's biggest Bran Flake and plans to set it on eBay for £1,000.

A Daily Mail article reports that Steven wondered why nothing was coming out when he opened the new box for nine-year-old son Oscar and discovered that a massive single bran flake - measuring six by four inches - was blocking the inner bag of the Kellogg's cereal.

Steven commented: “We've still got the flake and we're considering putting it on eBay. Apparently an over-sized cornflake was sold for more than £1,000 a few years ago so you never know.”

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THE Daily Express tells its readers how a kind-hearted police officer came to the rescue of a newly-wedded couple whose big day was in danger of being ruined.

Emmott and Georgia Garnett had just tied the knot in front of friends and relatives at Burnley's Registry Office when their chauffeur-driven car was involved in a road collision.

But when PC Pete Howarth arrived on the scene to investigate, he took them to the reception in Foulridge, Lancashire in his patrol car.

Georgia said: “We hadn't been able to get in touch with anyone to let them know what was happening so they thought we had arranged the police car for the day.”

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ARCHAEOLOGISTS are said to be thrilled by the discovery of the foundations of three large Roman houses preserved for nearly 2,000 years in a park in centre of Chichester.

James Kenny, an archaeologist at Chichester district council, told The Guardian that he believes that when fully excavated they will prove to be some of the best Roman houses found in a city centre in Britain.

“To find what appear to be well-preserved Roman remains in one of the few stretches of open ground in a city which has been continuously built and rebuilt ever since the days of Alfred the Great is really exciting.

“Particularly since this city had no mains drains until so late – not until the 1880s – it is absolutely pockmarked with centuries of cesspits and rubbish dumps, so very little undisturbed Roman material remains.”

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The phrase "Duck don't Grouse" comes to mind on reading a report in the Sun that after a spate of HGVs hitting bridges they are too high to go under and too heavy to use, councils across England are demanding lorry drivers should be banned from using sat nav systems designed for cars because they cause chaos when they go down roads that are too small for them or on bridges they’re too heavy for.  Having just replaced a rather expensive wing mirror that was taken out by a lorry down a country lane in the UK, I have to agree.

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