News Round Up

News Round Up

by Patrick O'Connor

ACCORDING to the Daily Mirror, a plague of fleas is set to hit Britain this summer.

Forecasters reckon the UK could have its hottest summer for 40 years and experts say a mild and wet winter followed by a summer of heatwaves are ideal for fleas to thrive.

Rob Simpson, of pest control group Basis Prompt, warned: “Fleas, which would usually remain dormant for much longer, became active sooner, leading to more prolific breeding and therefore a larger population.”

A Daily Mail report says that 60 year old prospector Vincent Thurkettle has found Britain's biggest ever gold nugget just off a beach in Anglesey, North Wales.

The size of a small chicken's egg, it is believed to worth around £50,000.

Vincent found the three ounce lump gleaming in a crevice on the sea bed and it may be part of a £120 million haul of gold which went down with the Royal Charter when it was shipwrecked in 1859.

Apparently treasure hunters have spent years trying to find traces of the lost gold and Vincent has devoted around six weeks each summer for the last seven years looking for it with a team of his family and friends.

“I was absolutely stunned when I first saw the nugget. The sun was out so the gold was gleaming and because it was under water it was magnified, so it looked huge.” he said.

As the nugget was found close to a shipwreck he has had to notify the Receiver of Wreck and the piece is now property of the Crown.

Rohit Jiwa, from Preston, in Lancashire, rents out the driveway of his house to commuters, people going shopping or off to the football match and has told the the Daily Mirror he now has enough money for a holiday in Mexico.

Rohit charges up to £12.50 a day as his home is within walking distance of the main railway station, city centre and County Hall and he reckons he has earned over £2,000 in a year.

“I've had hundreds of people use my drive and it's all very low maintenance.

"They book and pay online and all I have to do is give a little customer service when they arrive, which I think is an important part of it.”

The Daily Express reports on the woes of Ian Gillett who became mayor of Lostwithiel in Cornwall for just 47 minutes.

Ian was asked to step down following a bureaucratic bungle because the town council had only published their agenda for the annual selection meeting two days in advance and not three as required by law.

This was pointed out by former parish council clerk Janet Haley who said that made the vote illegal as the council had not given enough notice to local residents.

Now the council will now have to rerun the meetings and go through the mayoral election process again.

Mr Gillett said: “It was an interesting experience being the mayor of Lostwithiel even though it was very brief, and was not quite what I expected.”

Lovely tale in the Daily Express about two pen pals who have met up for the first time in 50 years after writing to each other from opposite ends of the globe.

Rosemary Caskin, from Kingswood, Gloucestershire, began sending letters to Edith Dawson in Australia when she was nine-years-old.

Now Edith, 63, has left Australia for the first time in her life to travel from her home to celebrate Rosemary's 60th birthday.

Edith said: “When we were aged nine and 12 you couldn't even imagine being 50 years old let along actually corresponding with someone for that length of time.” 

Rosemary added:“It was the thing to have pen friends.  Schools were encouraging it and my school friend had a pen pal.” 

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