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LUKE Elsworth has become Britain's youngest ever airline the age of 19.

The Daily Mirror says that Luke qualified to fly passenger jets just two years after he was allowed a driver’s licence.

He was offered a job with easyJet after enrolling in the airline’s pilot training programme at CTC Aviation in Southampton almost as soon as they would accept him - just nine days after his 18th birthday.

He described his first flight - from Gatwick to Toulouse in the south of France - as “incredible”. Nature watchers in the UK reckon signs of spring took a week longer to spread across the country this year than in the last two decades.

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An annual poll has revealed that Richard 111 remains the most fascinating figure in the eyes of historians and the public.

The Guardian reports that the BBC History Magazine History Hot 100 puts Richard at number one for the second year running.

This may partly be helped by the discovery of his remains in a council car park in Leicester in 2012.

The Guardian says that this reignited interest in a king whose reputation as a “deformed sadist burns enduringly bright because of Shakespeare.”

His reburial in Leicester Cathedral was broadcast live on TV in March last year.

Robert Attar, BBC History Magazine’s editor, said: “He is someone who fascinates people and is the only king that I know of who has several societies dedicated to him. Richard also divides people like few others.”

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BUILDERS working on a house in Eastbourne, Sussex, were in for a surprise when they knocked down a chimney.

For, says the Daily Express, they discovered a letter from a child to Father Christmas which is believed to be more than 90 years old.

The letter, dated 1925 and signed by E Short, read: “Daddy Christmas, will you please bring me these things. Fort, cannon, box of soldiers, Indian, chocolate, boat, book, handkerchiefs. Yours sincerely, E Short.”

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