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THE things people get up to...a Daily Mail article tells of spicy food lover Rob Radcliffe, from Cambridge, who has become the first person to successfully conquer the world's hottest 10,000-calorie burger challenge.

He spent 29 minutes 36 seconds devouring the 18 inch tall burger, topped with the world's hottest chillies.

And then ate 1lb of chips, again topped with red hot chilli con carne and the Carolina reaper, the world's hottest chilli pepper.

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IT'S pretty common for a game of cricket to be halted by the rain – but the Daily Express reports on a bizarre incident in Leicestershire where a match was halted after a flock of low-flying geese deposited a mass of droppings on the pitch.

50 Canada geese interrupted the closing stages of the game between Syston and Woodhouse Eaves.

They flew about 20 feet of the ground and players were forced to take evasive action.

The umpires had to halt play for about five minutes while the mess was cleared up.

Umpire Michael Shipman , said: “It was utterly bizarre. Never in all my time in the game have I seen Canada geese deposit their droppings on a pitch.”

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SO far it's never happened to me but....

The Daily Express reports that British drivers paid out £125 millions a year in extra parking charges because they forgot where they had left their car!

Figures released in a survey carried out for insurers Direct Line revealed that up to 14 million people were hit by extra charges.

A spokesman for Direct Line said: “A simple way to fix this is to take a photograph of the car’s location, that way it’s easy to see the zone or level when you return back.

“Forgetting where you’ve left your vehicle is not only a recipe for increased stress levels but it could mean you have to pay out extra parking charges or, worse still, find the car has been clamped or towed away.”

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A poll published in The Guardian reveals that Winnie-the-Pooh is the UK's favourite childhood book character, just pipping Harry Potter.

1,200 people who read at least once a week were quizzed.

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George, Enid Blyton’s tomboy adventurer from the Famous Five, was third with The Hobbit’s Bilbo Baggins and Roald Dahl’s Matilda in fourth and fifth places.

The survey was commissioned by the Reading Agency, which has launched a Summer Reading Challenge for children in libraries across the country.

“We know the power of picking up a book you love and discovering a favourite character … the Summer Reading Challenge gives children the chance to be transported and inspired by the adventures of their favourite characters, and read books that can go on to play a fundamental role in their lives,” said chief executive Sue Wilkinson.

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HOW about this story in the Daily Mail explaining how experts went to precise lengths to achieve historical accuracy:-

One of the most important spots in British history has just been moved - by seven yards.

950 years after King Harold was killed at the Battle of Hastings, the exact place where he fell has finally been located by English Heritage historians in the town of Battle, East Sussex.

And now the stone memorial marking the spot has been shifted seven yards to the east, to mark the spot where William the Conqueror’s army killed him with an arrow through his eye.

Early historians believed that the high altar of the abbey church was built on the exact spot where Harold fell on October 14, 1066 but after Henry VIII destroyed the church in 1538, the site of that high altar was lost - until now.

An English Heritage spokesman said: “What was previously marked as the spot was close but we now know it stood slightly further east.”

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