ARCHAEOLOGISTS are said to be thrilled by the discovery of the foundations of three large Roman houses preserved for nearly 2,000 years in a park in centre of Chichester.

James Kenny, an archaeologist at Chichester district council, told The Guardian that he believes that when fully excavated they will prove to be some of the best Roman houses found in a city centre in Britain.

“To find what appear to be well-preserved Roman remains in one of the few stretches of open ground in a city which has been continuously built and rebuilt ever since the days of Alfred the Great is really exciting.

“Particularly since this city had no mains drains until so late – not until the 1880s – it is absolutely pockmarked with centuries of cesspits and rubbish dumps, so very little undisturbed Roman material remains.”

How about this for a crackpot theory....scientists at a British university claim that have worked out what was the best year in modern history.

The Daily Mail tells us that researchers at Warwick University have concluded that 1957 fits the bill.

This was the year Harold Macmillan became Prime Minister, Paul McCartney first met John Lennon, Stanley Matthews played his final football game for England and Patrick Moore first appeared on British television.

It was also the year the Queen delivered her first televised Christmas message and Elvis Presley recorded his first British No 1, All Shook Up.

How did they reach that decision? Apparently by searching through around eight million books between 1776 and 2009, and counting the use of 'positive words' such as 'peaceful', 'enjoyment' and 'happiness'.

It looks as if boys a get a better deal when it comes to pocket money than girls, according to new research.

The BBC tells us that a survey of 2,000 UK children by Childwise showed that boys receive £2.20 more a week than girls.

Boys aged five to 16 get on average £10.70 a week made up from pocket money, a paid job or paid chores. Girls are on £8.50 a week, data suggests.

Childwise research manager Jenny Ehren said: “The data points towards an early gender imbalance in the way parents educate their children about money matters and financial independence.

“Boys are more likely to be entrusted with regular cash payments, while girls are more reliant on other people buying them items, or managing money on their behalf.”

The spacecraft which carried British astronaut Tim Peake to and from the International Space Station is now on display at London's Science Museum.

The BBC reports that the Russian Soyuz TMA-19M has been refurbished, but is still slightly singed from re-entry into the Earth's atmosphere.

Like fish and chips? An article in The Guardian tells us that the Kingfisher Fish and Chip shop in Plympton, near Plymouth in Devon has been voted the best in the UK.

Whole lobster, smoked herring and Cornish sardine fishcakes are among the dishes it serves.

The draft of the abdication letter written by King George 111 during the American War of Independence is to be made available for public viewing for the first time, reports the Daily Express.

The handwritten letter was composed by George - who was often called "the mad king" - after difficulties in forming a government during the political crisis of March 1783.

It is one of 350,000 pages from the Georgian collection in the Royal Archives which will be digitised and available to view online.

The draft is full of crossing out and redrafting, as well as blotches and scrawls.

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