THE things people get up to...a Daily Mail article tells of spicy food lover Rob Radcliffe, from Cambridge, who has become the first person to successfully conquer the world's hottest 10,000-calorie burger challenge.

He spent 29 minutes 36 seconds devouring the 18 inch tall burger, topped with the world's hottest chillies.

And then ate 1lb of chips, again topped with red hot chilli con carne and the Carolina reaper, the world's hottest chilli pepper.


Rob said: “I like to think I've got a big appetite but this was something else. I think my stomach stretched to twice its normal size to accommodate all the food.

“And the chillies burnt my lips, Just sniffing them made your eyes water. I normally love hot food but this wasn't pleasant.”

He added: “My mouth went numb after about five minutes but I just kept powering through and somehow managed to finish it.”


A life-size bronze statue of George Orwell, author of Nineteen Eighty-Four and Animal Four, is to erected outside the entrance to the BBC, says The Guardian.

The writer left the BBC on bad terms in 1943 claiming that his work there as a talks producer “was wasting my own time and the public money on doing work that produces no result”.

The money to pay for the statue has been raised from private donors, through a trust founded by the late Labour MP Ben Whitaker.

It will be sited among the corporation’s smokers who tend to congregate at the entrance to New Broadcasting House.

Robert Seatter, the head of BBC history, said: “George Orwell was one of many famous names to work for the BBC during the 20th century, and his legacy as a novelist and journalist lives on to this day.

“He reputedly based his notorious Room 101 from Nineteen Eighty-Four on a room he had worked in whilst at the BBC, but here he will stand in the fresh air reminding people of the value of journalism in holding authority to account.”


Council workers in Westminster, London, pulled out all the stops to rescue Zuma, a 90 year old tortoise, from being incinerated in a garden waste bag.

The Daily Mail said that Zuma had crawled into a bag, which along with a thousand others on their way to South East London Combined Heat and Power facility.

But when his owner Sarah Joiner realised what had happened and alerted the council, workers rummaged through 10 tonnes of garden refuse for two and a half hours using thermal imaging software and GPS tracking.

She commented: “Thank you is never going to be enough. It was amazing teamwork; there was no nonsense about it, just enormous good will in finding him.


The BBC tells us that the world's only surviving gas-lit cinema is amongst projects to share in a £55m National Lottery funding boost.

Thanks to a £2.4m cash injection, original features at the 102 year old Hyde Park Picture House in Leeds will be restored and accessibility is to be improved.

It was opened in November 1914, just after the outbreak of World War One, when it broadcast news bulletins and morale-boosting dramas.

The cinema still has nine working gas lights, which are used every day when the cinema is open.

General manager Wendy Cook said: “We are so grateful, so happy and every other possible positive descriptive word there is. We are doing a lot of work to preserve the fabric of the building - the wonderful period features like the gas lighting and the beautiful balcony and plasterwork.”


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