News Round Up

by Patrick O'Connor

OXBRIDGE – the elite universities of Oxford and Cambridge - is supposed to be the place where  Britain's most intelligent young people are educated.

But according to a report in the Daily Mail, some of their behaviour is less than intelligent, it's downright yobbish!

The two establishments house the offspring from the very elite of society but details recently released under the Freedom of Information Act show that their manners can sometimes let them down.

The Mail says that discipline reports issued by 15 Oxbridge colleges give details of hundreds of drunken incidents, many involving police and paramedics. These include a student being paraded naked around a supermarket, revellers throwing curry and beer around a restaurant, urinating in public and one collapsing in a pool of his own vomit.

This has resulted in fines of over £14,000 and the imposition of hundreds of hours of community service.

Get a grip, it's only a spider!

The Sun says that members of Noel Gallagher's backstage crew had to be evacuated after a huge 'green-fanged' spider was discovered in one of the former Oasis star's guitar cases at the Jersey Live music festival in the Channel Isles.

The spider was quickly caught in a container but organisers were so concerned that it could be dangerous that they quarantined a backstage area for 20 minutes.

A spokesperson for the festival said: “Luckily there were members of Durrells Wildlife Conservation Trust at the festival, who kindly took the spider away for analysis.”

Sarah Nugent, from the Trust said: “We found out that the crew had been to most parts of the world during their tour, including Argentina and Japan. It was the size of a 50p piece with green fang. There are hundreds of thousands of species of spider worldwide so it is going to be a difficult one to decipher.”

We Brits love our gardens and in the case of retired IT manager Geoff Hoyle, from Bredbury in Cheshire, so much so that he wanted to share it with everyone.

Geoff lives in a modest semi-detached home but has turned it into a “spectacular flower show” according to the Daily Mail and opened it to the public.

He has cultivated 350 dahlias in more than 150 varieties and had over 800 visitors to see his pride and glory.

“I realised that only eight or nine people had ever seen my garden and they were family, so I decided to open it to more people. Doing that gave me a new impetus to make even more improvements,” said Geoff.

Now there are two cats in our household and we adore them dearly but...

The Mail reports that “an alarmingly high number of pet cats harbour a hidden parasite that causes serious illness, birth defects and may even make people more prone to suicide.”

The Food Standards Agency claims that 1,000 people a day are being infected with toxoplasma after contact with cats or infected, uncooked meat and there are 350,000 new infections each year.

Out of those, 80 per cent of victims are unaware they have the parasite, and its eggs will simply remain dormant in their bodies for life.

Apparently cats are oblivious to the infection and show no signs of disease.

Another feature in our house is that we are regular watchers of Britain's longest running TV soap Coronation Street.

Now it seems that one of its veteran stars, 80 year old Bill Roach reckons we are “moving into a higher vibration” in society and believes the world will “change dramatically” on December 12.

The Mirror reports Roache as saying: “This will be the Golden Age, when a majority will know they are love and they are spiritual beings. The earth will continue to cleanse itself while material and negative things will collapse and cease to be.”

He was speaking to Silent Voices, a spiritual, paranormal and metaphysical magazine and revealed he attends a spiritual group and believes psychics can predict the future.

Roache added that he thought his daughter Edwina, who died aged 18 months in 1984, is now a nurse in the afterlife.

He said: “She is helping other children who have passed over to understand what has happened.”

He has predicted people will soon communicate by telepathy after a homeopathic doctor communicated with him as he slept.

“He was able to appear on the astral plane, come into a dream and actually speak to me that way,”Bill said.


Supermarket giants Tesco has already set up dedicated Christmas aisles!!!

According to the Mail the first reports of Christmas chocolate boxes on sale in Tesco branches came on August 29 when pictures appeared on Twitter.

Maybe we are heading towards an all-year Christmas.

It may not be a delicacy which appeals to everyone but the makers of the so-called 'Stonehaven deep-fried Mars bar' have been warned by the confectionery giant to make it clear to customers that Mars do not endorse the fatty treat. The Independent says that the Carron Fish Bar in Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire claims to be the birthplace of the dish after a young schoolboy requested his favourite treat be smothered in batter and plunged into a deep-fat fryer 20 years ago.

The shop planned to bid for EU protected food name scheme which would bring it in line with other regional ‘delicacies’ such as Prosciutto Toscano, Stilton, Cornish pasties and Champagne.

A Mars spokesperson said: “No application for a protected geographical indication has been filed to date. Should an application be filed, unfortunately, we wouldn't be able to support it as deep-frying one of our products would go against our commitment to promoting healthy, active lifestyles.”