YOU have to hand it to the suits at the Football Association, they really know how to mess the game up. The latest wheeze from these mindless morons is to arrange for England's most prestigious event, the FA Cup Final, to be moved from its traditional 3pm kick-off spot to 5.15pm.

Now this year's final will be between Chelsea (that's in London you know) and Liverpool (that's in the far north west).

You would have thought that those plonkers at the FA would have done their homework but it's obvious that they haven't or maybe they have but they just don't care. After all, they'll probably be staying in their all-expenses paid hotels after the match, but if you're a Liverpool fan then all I can say is 'good luck' in your attempts to get back home to Merseyside.  You see, according to a report in The Sun newspaper, planned Bank Holiday weekend engineering works means ALL train services from London to Liverpool that night have been cancelled.

Footballers often attribute bizarre reasons for good team spirit but this one takes the biscuit!  According to a report in the Daily Mirror, Newcastle defender Mike Williamson claims that Come Dine With Me (Channel 4 TV cookery programme) style evenings among the squad have brought them closer together.  “"Cooking for each other happens quite a lot,” said Williamson.” The girls are friends, they go out for lunch, everyone goes around each other's house. Everyone lives in close proximity and everyone just gets on.

“I cooked for Shola Ameobi the other day - bit of risotto. For the kids last night, we had chilli, salad and rice.  I’m not quite Come Dine With Me just yet, but I had a jacket potato around James Perch’s house, so that’s a zero!  Shola doesn’t cook and leaves it all to his missus. He very much stays out of the kitchen, but she is very good.”

A right old rumpus is brewing over who could be chosen for the Team GB football team at the forthcoming Olympics.  The Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson is reported as saying that the possibility that his star striker Wayne Rooney could be selected is 'ridiculous.'  Rooney is believed to be on Team GB manager Stuart Pearce's provisional list of 80 players.

“It's ridiculous, it is utter chaos. There are so many complications," said Ferguson.  "I have no idea how badly other clubs are affected but I would imagine Tottenham will have a few."  Ferguson has claimed he had agreed with Pearce none of the players who appear at this summer's Euro 2012 would be part of his Olympic squad.

Have to agree with the former England striker and now BBC football commentator Gary Lineker when he said that David Beckham does not deserve a place in the Great Britain squad at the 2012 Olympics.  Team GB can include three over-age players in their squad and Lineker said: "If you are going to pick the best three over-age players, then you would say no [to Beckham]."  Beckham, who will be 37 by the start of the Games, currently plays for LA Galaxy in the United States.  However Lineker told the BBC that although the former Manchester United star was not worth a place on purely playing grounds, there might be another reason that could see him make the cut.

“If it is a 'thank you' for all the work that Beckham has done for the Olympics and getting it to London, then it is a different matter.”

It seems as if, once again, Beckham's reputation far outweighs his actual ability.