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Britain's Craziest Secret Agent


Britain has always had something of a reputation as home to the world's favourite secret agents and now their popularity in books and films has increased with the action comedy from Universal Pictures. “Johnny English” stars one of Britain's most popular comedians, Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean) in the title role as an incompetent MI7 operative. He is “the agent even the Secret Service keep secret”, to quote the film's trailer.

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Stonehenge is a mystery, and I think most scholars would agree with that statement. They would also agree that that it is a megalithic ruin on the open downland of Salisbury Plain two miles (three kilometres) west of the town of Amesbury, Wiltshire, in Southern England. That's about all they do agree on though.

The name Stonehenge is derived from the Old English words Stanhen gist meaning the 'hanging stones' and has given its name to a class of monuments known as henges. It was first mentioned as one of the wonders of Britain only seventy years after the Norman Conquests and if you are lucky enough to visit it you can't fail to be moved.

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