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norway fjord

Image by Mozzercork - CC Licence.

I was born in Norway, but I Left after high school to emigrate to Montreal, Canada.  I just got back from a trip with my new French Canadian partner, she's never been there before. We travelled from Vancouver to London and on to Oslo on British Airways. Great flight, great service. And the booze was free. More than I can say for Norway... A pint of everyday lager/pilsner is about 69 NOK = $12 CAN. Here in Vancouver it's $5-6. But that's OK.

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7 Essential Facts About Holidaying in South Devon

After loading your car with the essentials and a long journey south, the gorgeous countryside and quaint coastal villages of South Devon are breathtaking, and make the long journey worthwhile. If you find yourself stuck for ideas, or want to do something slightly different while you're there, then here are 7 suggestions to turn your South Devon break into a dream holiday.

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Wastwater Lake - The deepest

Wast Water (Wastwater) is England's deepest lake, it lies over fifty feet below sea level from its gorgeous mountain top shore in serene Wasdale. The lake was formed by a melted glacier and is to this day filled by ice cold glacier run-off. Precariously set between two mountain ranges in a sunken valley, to the south east are the Wastwater Screes, shortened by the locals to The Screes, and to the north west the cliffs of Buckbarrow and Yewbarrow.

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