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In our garden we have several ways to get rid of our garden and general waste. There are two large bins: one is for rubbish which we can’t get rid of ourselves;  small bits of cooked food, although we don’t waste much, and the rest is mostly plastic: All that extra packaging which is considered necessary by manufacturers, but which we used to manage without. You know the kind, it takes special tools just to open a packet of biscuits these days. We bought some new tree loppers, and had to use the old loppers to open the packet that the new loppers came in.  It was almost as if someone was playing a cruel trick. 

There is another bin for green waste. We use that rarely as most things will compost eventually, even what are thought of as toxic weeds; thistles and dandelions, if I can catch them before they seed in they go. It was full this week as we had a tree hit by such strong winds that three branches came off and needed getting rid of.

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 I haven’t won the lottery – again. 

Did you hear the one about the Spanish man who prayed every week that he would win the Spanish lottery ‘El Gordo’? Over time his pleas got more and more urgent, and also louder until it came to the point where he was shouting at God. Then one day he got an answer. A voice from heaven – though in this case it was through the lips of his exasperated wife “At least go half way - buy a ticket.”
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Seed catalogues


In the UK, at this time of year, almost every time the postman drops something through the letter box, he brings a seed catalogue. One even arrived on Christmas Eve and my husband’s reaction was, “Your Christmas present has come early”.  My older daughter’s reaction was, “Oh no. She’s going to buy even more seeds!”  She then pulled open the salad drawer of our fridge which is crammed so full that it is hard to open, and contains various opened seed packets from previous years.

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